Terme & Golf

The Gorello, the waterfalls of the Mulino or "cascatelle" and the modern spa complex that treasures the local and effective sulphurous waters.

Terme di Saturnia SPA & amp; Golf Resort

The Parco delle Piscine delle Terme di Saturnia, located downstream of the town with four thermal pools, whirlpools, artificial waterfalls and vascular paths in both hot and cold water, is practically placed where a crater of volcanic origin emerges without alterations of any kind. ” water at 37.5 degrees of heat, with a high concentration of gases and minerals (it is actually sulphurous-carbonic-sulphate-bicarbonate-alkaline-earthy water). Due to its composition, this source is therapeutic for numerous diseases, in particular dermatological, ENT, respiratory, motor (arthrosis), veno-lymphatic and digestive systems.
As a guest you will benefit from discounted rates at the thermal baths of Saturnia and the golf course of the Terme di Saturnia Golf & SPA Resort.

No reservation is required. The entrance fees to the thermal park do not include the pool set and the services listed below.

The Pian di Cataverna farmhouse has an agreement with the Terme di Saturnia Offer from Friday to Sunday and during holidays: Sorgente delle Terme di Saturnia pool at a price of 18.00 euros instead of 25.00 euros with the possibility of having three baths. During the week (Monday to Thursday) you can go to the spring for only 5.00 euros (plus the price of the outdoor pools) buying it directly at the ticket office of the Terme. 20% discount on the swimming pool park ticket.

Cascate del Mulino

Just two km away from Saturnia and from our structure, are the Gorello Waterfalls or better known as Cascate del Mulino, because they are close to an ancient restored building that was used for grinding wheat. The Waterfalls of the Mulino di Saturnia are certainly the most evocative naturalistic attractions to be proud of. At the sight you are delighted and struck by the extraordinary beauty and strength of nature, unique and particular of its kind. The Cascate del Mulino are the result of the strength and quantity of sulphurous waters (about 600 liters per second) of the Terme di Saturnia that descend from above, forming small waterfalls that are continuously filled with water. They offer a unique spectacle, with white and sulphurous steaming waters (especially in winter) that flow from a picturesque waterfall into the stream below, the Stellata. Frequented by swimmers and locals in every season of the year, given the warmth of the therapeutic water and its deposition in comfortable natural pools, these waterfalls are constantly evolving because the calcium carbonate deposits modify their course. The thermal waters of the waterfalls as well as being famous for their beneficial properties, also represent an excellent opportunity for tourists with few economic possibilities as they are completely free: just reach the Tuscan Maremma, wear a costume, park and immerse yourself in the warm sulphurous waters. . The thermal waters of Saturnia are famous above all for their beneficial properties, as well as of course for their particularity of coming out of the source at a temperature of 37.5 ° C, the water gushes from the source after a long journey, precisely arriving from the Monte Amiata and the imposing flow with which they come out of the crater, or 800 liters per second, are able to maintain their beneficial properties constant, thanks to the continuous replacement of natural and mineral elements that are taken from the subsoil. The Terme di Saturnia, as well as the Gorello and the Cascate del Mulino welcome sulfur-carbonic-sulphate-bicarbonate-alkaline-earthy water, the beneficial properties of the water are determined by the presence of hydrogen sulphide, minerals, carbon dioxide and a particular element natural, the Thermal Plankton. The sulphurous waters of Saturnia, with their beneficial properties, act positively on the body, especially on the respiratory system, the skeletal system, the cardio-circulatory system, the muscular system, the digestive system and the metabolism system, bringing significant benefits as regards inflammation of the joints, the reduction of blood pressure, relaxation, as well as exfoliating, disinfectant and peeling properties on the skin.


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